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At Premier, we provide a range of home fragrance products and services that can be customized to fit your unique strategy and needs. We manage every project from concept to delivery.

First we study the trends and market conditions. Then we develop creative ways to make this research work for you. Our talented product managers provide an exceptional level of personal service as projects move through each stage of our development process.

Our Process
  • We Listen

    To the brand's history, customer voice, and strategic initiatives.

  • We Research

    Conduct through competitive patterning to help solidify strategic assortment positioning and line plan.

  • We Design

    Use rend research relevant to the brand and customer to develop options for customized creative direction.

  • We Deliver

    Leverage our global resources to develop high quality product with exceptional value for the customer.

Our Strengths & Results
  • Cost Reduction

    Product matched to county of origin with appropriate core competency.

    Highly automated North American facility minimizes transportation costs of large filled candles.

    Multi process labor intensive items are mostly run in Vietnam.

  • Speed to Market

    North American production capability.

    Full R&D, prototype, sample lab in Canada.

    Manufacturing Flexibility Supporting Replenishment Needs

    Ability to quickly fill in items which exceed plan

  • Single Point of Contact

    Product Manager dedicated to the specific project.

    Product Design and Innovation across all Categories

    Our goal is to create efficient and effective generation and development of ideas through a process that leads to new products.