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Premier’s commitment to provide customers with the highest quality candles is backed by the dedication of our amazing family of dedicated team members.

Our multitude of smart production lines are equipped with leading edge automation and technology with real time production data/metrics.


The extensive manufacturing capabilities that Premier Candle has to offer are not only geared to cater to its capacity demands, but also retain the flexibility to adapt at will to varying customer needs. Hand poured; small batch candle options are also available where generations of artisans have passed down their candle making knowledge to the next generation.

Three State-of-the-art Burn Laboratories

Our over 40 years of experience has cultivated best in practice measures to ensure every candle we create exceeds industry standard safety protocols with our three state-of-the-art burn laboratories.

  • Research & Development

    Premier’s Research and Development team utilizes customized analytical software that is coveted by our national brand partners.

  • The R&D lab

    The R&D lab is where customized wax formulations, fragrance development, and burn testing are conducted by our family of skilled chemists and technicians.

  • The Quality Assurance team

    The Quality Assurance team at Premier assigns and adopts stringent procedures from incoming material inspections, batching confirmations, in process inspections, and many other quality checks up to the final pre-shipment inspection. The team’s attention to quality and safety means every candle produced at our facility consistently performs while also meeting customers’ aesthetic needs.

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    Our professional and friendly teams manage every project from concept to delivery. We offer both turnkey and customer supplied solutions, or a mixture of both.